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Ministry to All Nations
is a dramatic story of how Bishop John and Rev. Mary Githiga went through fire without being burned. And how they used challenges as the stepping stone to high achievement in ministry to all Nations. It is about their obedience to God regardless of the cost and about how to bear the cross so as to wear the crown.
Dr. Githiga, US citizen of Kenyan descent, is a highly respected scholar, published author, a true preacher of the Gospel, Patriarch of All Nations Christian Church International, Chancellor and Professor of Pastoral Theology at ANCCI University. Dr. Githiga has ministered with and to the people of many nationalities and races and was recorded in the eighth addition of Who is Who among black Americans.

The book gives unprecedented insight for marriage enrichment by drawing wisdom and skills gleaned from the study of many successful marriages in the USA and Europe. The author interviewed hundreds of couples in America and Europe. In the interview, he posed two questions: “How long have been married?” and “What is the secret of your success?” The respondents were couples who have been married from 20 to 70 years. He also used information from several marriage seminars he conducted in Kenya. The question he posed for discussion was: “What destroys the relationship between married partners?” The groups numbered from 100 to 700 and had a high degree of participation. The book enables the reader to identify the causes of marital failure and to discover the secrets of success in marriage. The book is therefore of unsurpassed value to married partners and those who intend to marry.

New Book Release By Patriarch John Githiga The second edition: ............... Initiation and Pastoral Psychology
.Initiation and Pastoral Psychology employs anthropological and interdisciplinary approaches to pastoral care and enhances interest and respect for other people’s cultures, equipping one with skills for dealing with different ethnic groups, thereby extending the ego boundary and enhancing self knowledge and self identity. In addition, the book increases insight for pastoral care and counseling for people who undergo crisis related to rites of passage. It is hoped that this work will be of special interest and give additional skills to psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors, social workers, pastors and teachers as well as the students of African studies, sociology, social anthropology, theology and anybody who is eager to understand human personality. You can place an order at:o

The Secret of Success in marriage: ... $10.00 plus $3.30 shipping and handling

Ministry to All Nations: ... $20 plus $3.50 shipping and handling.

Initiation and Pastoral Psychology: ... $20.00 place $3.30 S/H

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